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Quilting and Fiber Art Marketplace – Vendor Info

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The Quilter’s Gallery

Patti Cline – 704-807-6992

Cindy  704-376-2531

email –

Hello Everyone,

I trust everyone has had a good Christmas and you are looking forward to a Happy New Year.  Enclosed is move-in information and last minute show details.  Please spend a few minutes to include the show info in your newsletter, your Facebook page, or anywhere else you can think to post it.  Your customer base is our most important resource.  We have tried to schedule activities so customers will arrive early and stay late.

Move-in day and time – Jan. 7, 2016 from 8am – 6pm.

Show dates and times – Jan. 8, 2016 from 9am – 5pm and Jan. 9, 2016 from 9 am – 4pm.

There are Civic Center employees on hand if you need help.  Technically, they are not supposed to help you move in.  If they do help you, please tip them.

Building will open at 8am each morning.

Location – Dennis Wicker Civic Center, 1801 Nash St., Sanford, NC 27330

Civic Center website and area information –

Move out and cleanup – Please do not begin to the move our process until 4 pm on Saturday.  No dollies on the floor until the show has closed.  Please leave your space as you found it.  Break down your boxes and put your trash at the closest trashcan.  You must be out of the building by 8pm on Saturday night.

Each booth is 10’ x 10’.  8’ pipe and drape along the back wall.  3’ side rails.  If you want higher side rails, you will need to provide your own pipe and drape.  Pipe and drape will set up on Wednesday.  Extra pipe and drape will not be available on Thursday when you are setting up.  Check with your neighbor before you raise your sides.  Electrical access should be at the back of your booth.  Bring heavy duty drop cords, not zip cords.

Tables are 8’ long.  They are free as long as they last.  If you need to order 4’ or 6’ tables, ($8.00 each) let me know immediately.  The floor is concrete.  Make sure you bring a sign.

Hotels – There are several hotels in the area.  Quality Inn, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express are close by.  I called about rates, but found that the internet prices were better than what they quoted me.

We will have a runner taking lunch orders and making deliveries.  Mrs. Lacy will be doing lunch again.  Please pick up a form and turn in your lunch order before you leave on Thursday.

Door Prizes – Door prizes are voluntary, but greatly appreciated.  Please bring a few things for daily door prizes and for the “Big Basket”.

Early Bird Special – We try to encourage visitors to arrive early, shop, eat lunch and stay late for the machine drawing, so that they have a full day of shopping.  We start the day with “Early Bird Specials”.  This means you pick an item to promote during the first hour of the show. This is not a booth wide discount, but just something you would like to promote.  Maybe you give an extra discount on sale items, or look around your shop for something you have overstock.  Again, this is voluntary.  We will give you a flyer to write your special on and post them by the front door.  Each day at 3 pm we will be giving away a sewing machine.  Visitors must be present to win.  The first 100 visitors in the morning get two chances to win.

Please post show info anywhere you can….website, facebook and emails.  Your contacts are our best advertising.  All our efforts help each other succeed.

Thank you for your participation.  Our goal is to provide local retailers with an affordable experience, that will result in profit.  We know that doing a show is a lot of preparation and physical work.  Please contact us if you have any questions.



As soon as you finish unloading, move your car to a distant parking space. We realize that everyone wants to get as close to the door as possible.  Please unload or load and move your vehicle as quickly as possible. Please do not leave your car in a prime location while you arrange or pack your booth.  Please be respectful of aisle space, so others can access their booth.  Please do not block access to ramps or doors. If you agree to let some of the guys that are at the CC  help you unload, you are expected to tip them.  They do not  unload or load for free.

Parking – Please save the best parking spaces for our customers.  After unloading, please park in the spaces away from the building.

Building will open at 8 am each  morning.

Move out and clean up –  Please do not begin the move out process until 4 pm.  No dollies on the floor until the show has closed. Please leave your space as you found it.   Break down leftover boxes and put your trash in the dumpster.  You must be out of the building by 7:45 on Saturday night.

Booth size :  10 ft. wide and 10 ft. deep.  

Chairs are included.

There is an 8 ft. pipe and drape behind your booth. Do not pin anything on this drape that will damage it.

You will need to provide your own sign.

Sales Tax – The sales tax rate is 7%.  For those of you that need sales  and use tax forms, go to and use form E-500.  Follow the web fill in instructions.

Each booth will receive name badges or wrist bands for employee admission.
Food will be available on premises.  If you place your food order with us by Thursday, we can deliver it to your booth.

Access to electricity is free.  You may need drop cords to access the closest outlet.

We suggest you make arrangements for cellular service for your charge card machine.  DWCC does have wireless service.

Door prizes:  Door prizes are voluntary.  We draw for small door prizes several times during the day.  I think it’s better for several people to win something small, than for one person to win it all.  I will provide you with door prize slips.  I will give the winner your prize slip and the customer will come to your booth to pick it up.  We also draw for a large basket at the end of the show.  Attendees register for this basket.  This helps us to create a mailing list to invite people to the show the next year.

Early bird Specials – Early bird specials are a way for you to feature an item the first hour of the show.

We have provided you with $1.00 off admission bookmarks for all your customers.  We have also provided you with a master copy so that you can print your own.

Checklist – Booth sign, drop cord, multi plug, business cards, class schedules,  sufficient change, extra lighting, mat to stand on (the CC has a cement floor) and enthusiasm.

What else can you do to prepare?  Please include QFAM information on your website, in your e-mails, and in your newsletters.  We have tried to cover as many “calendar of events” publications as we can, but I’m sure we didn’t cover them all.  Take a few minutes at your computer and post this info anywhere you can think of, blogs, cable stations, facebook, etc.

Restrooms – are located on either side of the stage and in the lobby.

Thank You for your participation.  Our goal is to provide local retailers with an affordable experience, that will result in profit.  We know that doing a show is a lot of preparation and physical work.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Cindy Page – 704-376-2531

Patti Cline -cell – 704-807-6992)

Hotel Information –

Hotel Information: Please call the hotels directly to get the QFAM rate. Don’t wait until the last minute.  Make your reservations early, to guarantee the room rate.

Hampton Inn – make reservation by Jan.1

1904 South Horner Blvd.

Sanford, NC

(919) 775-2000


Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites (reserve by Dec. 25)

2110 Dalrymple Street

Sanford, NC

(919) 776-6600


Comfort Suites by Choice Hotels

1891 Bragg Street

Sanford, NC


Rate – ? + tax inc. breakfast

If you need us, call us.

Cindy – 704-376-2531 or Patti – 704-807-6992

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