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The Food at the Quilting and Needle Art Extravaganza is the best!

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Usually when you go to a “show”, you have the option of some kind of carnival food,  hot dogs, little pizzas or something like that.  We have tried to make food part of the experience at the QNAE.  Lunch is served by Sheryl Toukola at Risto’s Restaurant. (formerly Mayo”s Restaurant) Risto’s is located at 123 North Center St. in Statesville, but for our event, she will be in the back of the Civic Center serving wonderful sandwiches and salads. The kind of food that women like.  She starts from scratch.  She serves wonderful breads, salads with cranberries and nuts, and lots of other  little extras that let you know a “foodie” has just prepared your lunch.  Shop for a while, get a bite to eat  with Sheryl and then go and visit the BAKERY.

Sarah Peachy always has a bakery selection that makes my mouth water. Mrs. Peachy and her family are famous for their doughnuts and their home made breads.  Enjoy something at the the show and take something home to your family.


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