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Workshops for Quilt Guilds

We love to teach workshops for quilt guilds.  Quilters come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  Some are young women that have just started sewing to express their creativity.  Some are women that have just retired and enjoy the social contacts.  Some quilters have been sewing all their lives and just love, love, love fabric.  Some quilters are just beginning and don’t know the difference between a 1/4 inch and a 1/4 mile.  Our workshops focus on skills building techniques.  We can customize anything to meet the needs of your group. We try to teach quilts that are fat quarter friendly, so that each student can use the fabrics that they have on hand.  Usually, we cover the selected class material in the morning.  During the afternoon, we demo other related templates or techniques.  This is the base price:

3 hour workshop:  $200.00 plus mileage*
6 hour workshop:  $300.00 plus mileage*. Plus lunches.
Saturday workshops are $350.00 plus mileage*. Plus lunches.
*Please note – Mileage is charged at the current IRS rate.
Travel of 100 miles, roundtrip,  or less is charged at the rate above.
Travel from 101 miles to 150 miles roundtrip, please add $50.00.
Travel from 151 miles to 200 miles roundtrip, please add $100.00.
Travel from 201 miles to 300 miles roundtrip, please add $150.00.
If you are further than 300 miles roundtrip, we’ll talk.
Depending on the travel distance, we may require overnight accommodations for both of us and reimbursement for food on the road.
Realizing that the cost of supplies for a quilting project can be prohibitive for some, we try to teach classes with a kit (or as noted below). We provide a nominally priced precut kit to every student.  They get to start sewing immediately and don’t have to worry about any prep work.  They just need to bring simple sewing supplies and their sewing machine.  The class is about technique, not production.  Haven’t you taken a class where some members were still cutting out at 2 pm, and left the class without sewing anything at all?  After the class, each student has to option to purchase the template or ruler that we used in class, unless that is specified in the description.  They can decide after they have tried the technique if they want to do a big quilt or not.  They do not have to purchase any special supplies in order to take the class.  Kits are in addition to the base price for the workshop.
Some of the workshops do require the purchase of certain supplies.  Those requirements are specified below.  We will walk you through the details of each workshop so you can choose the best workshop for your guild.

Browse through the following photos and descriptions.


#1A -Jack’s Chain – 6 hour class, advanced.

Everyone loves this quilt.  This was Cindy’s pandemic quilt.  Yes, you can make one too.  You will need to do some prep work before class.  Each quilter will need to make some 9-patches before class.  $29.95 person for the templates and pattern.

#1B – Boot Camp – 6 hour class

This class is just what it says.  Beginners will learn skills building techniques and experienced quilters might unlearn some bad habits.  We will discuss fabric preparation,  cutting, pressing, construction, borders and binding.  Each student will make an accurate 1/2 square, 1/4 square and a flying goose.  Lots of handouts included.

$20 fee per person.

#1C – Embrace Your Curves – 6 hour class

Skill level: Confident beginner or intermediate.

Everyone loves the look of curves in a quilt, but often it is a technique that scares quilters.  Workshop will cover Rainbow Curves, Wheel of Mystery and Winner’s Bouquet block.  $9.00 kit w/ 3 different curved blocks.

Curves and Corners

Winner’s Bouquet
Here is another photo showing the colors reversed.

The last curved block that we will do is Wheel of Mystery.

#2 – Kaleidoscope: 6 hour class.  Skill level: Confident beginner

This is a fabulous quilt with a lot of different looks.  One ruler and one skill set can give you several different quilts.  This quilt is a great design to use up your fat quarter stash.  $10.00 kit w/ 3 blocks.  3 blocks will make a small table runner.  In addition to basic construction, Cindy will discuss the magic of using your fabric to get a true Kaleidoscope image.  Rulers and books will be available at the end of class for those that want to make more blocks.

We will use a fabric of our choice for the kits, but the effect will be similar to this.

#3 – Peaky and Spike – 6 hour class.  Skill level: Confident beginner.

Having trouble getting pointy points?  We’ll work with a couple of blocks, and this common shape to get perfect results.  This shape gives you the look of curves, but you are sewing straight lines.  $6.00 kit w/ 2 blocks.

#4 – Dresden Divas – 6 hours

Skill level: Confident beginner. Dresden Plates are new and exciting.  We’ll make a Dresden Star and a Shooting Star from Laundry Basket quilts and demo a couple of other dresden plate variations. A little foldy trick makes these points easy.  Another good choice to use up your stash.  $9.00 kit w/ 3 blocks.

#5-  St. Louis Star – 6 hours

Skill level: Confident beginner. Everyone loves stars, but they need to be accurate.  This star looks complicated, but there are no Y-seams.  Focus on accurate piecing and pressing skills. $6.00 kit w/ one 17” block

#6- The Mystery of the Magic Lantern and the 60 degree Triangle – 3 or 6 hours depending on how many extras we cover in class

Skill level: Confident beginner.  Welcome to the wonderful world of 60 degree triangles and hexagons.  Give shapes other than squares and right triangles a try.  We’ll make a Magic Lantern block.  We’ll also examine Twist and Turn, Pathway Star, 1000 pyramids, and Merry Go Round.  $5.00 kit w/one block.

This is the Magic Lantern Quilt.   We will make one block in class. The photos below use similar shapes and techniques.

#7 – No Strings Attached3 hours

Skill level: Beginner to advanced.  A string is an unusable piece of fabric.  We will take those little strips of fabric and make something fabulous using a foundation fabric and all your leftovers.  $2.00 foundation kit.  Students will provide their own fabrics, but everything can be pulled out of your stash.


#8 –  Night Sky – 6 hours 

Night Sky is a pattern by Jaybird Quilts.  While this might look hard, we will bring a precut block for each student.  At the end of class, students that might not consider this block in their skill level will be amazed at their accomplishment.  Cost of the workshop kit is $35.00 per student.  Fee includes the Sidekick ruler, pattern and one precut batik block.

night sky - quilt

night sky block

#9 – 15 Degrees – 6 hours

15 degrees is something a little different.  It looks like curves, but everything is straight sewing.  Cost of the workshop kit is $20.00 per student.  Fee includes 15 degree ruler, (9″ Stack and Whack), fabric strips for two blocks and an e-pattern.  We will cover the basic technique and demo other wedge rulers – from miniature blocks to a 48″ centerpiece.

15 degrees - full quilt

15 degrees -one block




To select a date for a workshop, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected]

or call us:  Patti – 704-807-6992 or Cindy – 704-376-2531

Workshop fees and mileage are in addition to the kit fees.  Any class can be customized to your guild.  Kits take time and care to prepare.  Please give us a firm kit number two weeks before class. You are obligated to purchase the kits you order.

We will be bringing fabric packs and other items to sell after class.

Quilter’s Gallery, 186 Page Farm Rd., Cleveland, NC 27013